Lower energy efficiency standards cost owners of new homes in Reading £763,200 since 2016

Households in Reading were slapped with an extra £763,200 in energy bills after Conservatives scrapped home efficiency measures in 2016. This has been made worse, as this April the Ofgem price cap increased by 54%, potentially devastating news for many households. 

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Thank You - Lib Dem GAIN in Tilehurst!

Thank you to the thousands of you who voted for us this year, and to all our candidates and campaigners for our best result in years!

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Vote Liberal Democrat Today!

Vote Liberal Democrat in Reading today, and help us demand better for Reading!

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Introducing our 2022 Local Election Candidates

The Reading Liberal Democrats are proud to introduce our team of candidates for the 2022 Reading Borough Council elections.

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The Liberal Democrats will put Children’s Mental Health first in Reading

Reading Liberal Democrats are demanding that more is done to support children with mental health problems.

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27% of children in Reading below reading standards

New figures uncovered by the Liberal Democrats have revealed 27% of 11 year old children have a reading age below 11. The research reveals almost 167,960 11 year olds across the country and 758 in Reading as being below the standard reading age.

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Cut VAT to save families in Reading £33,300,000 say local Lib Dems

Reading Liberal Democrats have demanded an emergency cut to VAT to protect local families from soaring bills and the Conservatives' worsening cost of living crisis.

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Call for Sewage Tax on Thames Water after £488.8m profit revealed

Reading Liberal Democrats have called for a ‘Sewage Tax’ on water companies to fund the cleaning up of rivers polluted by sewage dumps.

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Reading commuters hit with £187 hike in rail fares

  • Liberal Democrats call for fare freeze as cost of living crisis worsens 
  • Annual season ticket for Reading commuters forecasted to reach £5044 for the first time
  • London travelcards for tube and bus services set to be scrapped for Reading passengers
  • 10% of people in Reading regularly commute by train
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29,081 pensioners in Reading left out in the cold as broken triple lock promise creates £628,150 cost of living black hole

The Liberal Democrats have accused the Conservatives of leaving pensioners in Reading with a “hole in their pocket” after breaking a manifesto promise to protect the state pension.

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