National roads receiving 52 times more government funding than Reading’s roads

It has been revealed that the Conservative Government’s funding for local roads maintained by Reading Borough Council will be cut by £287,000 in the next year. Liberal Democrat campaigner, Ricky Duveen, is calling for the Conservative Government to reverse its funding cuts to Reading’s road main...

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Anger over increase in green bin charges

Those of you with gardens will remember that when the council introduced charging for green bin collections there was a great deal of anger at the level of charge being imposed. Almost all those (some 16,000 residents) with green bins paid the new £50 charge. The council had forecast that only 8...

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Support grows for licensing bill to establish national database of taxi drivers

Support is growing for a legal register that ensures local authorities are in the know about drivers seeking a licence in their areas, despite previously being banned or refused a licence elsewhere. Councils have led the way on this issue, developing a voluntary database of licence refusals and ...

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Zainabiya Centre

From our Tilehurst Councillor Ricky Duveen, his speech at the Reading Borough Council Planning Committee, regarding the planning application for the Zainabiya Centre in Tilehurst: "Firstly, can I say thank you to Julie Williams, the case officer, who ploughed through the consultation responses an...

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Reading needs a change. A change from failure, a change from complacency. Most importantly we need a change from the waste and spin that have characterised decisions such as the one-way IDR, botched bin collections and the current crisis in school admissions.

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