Statement on Forbury Gardens attack

The attack in the Forbury Gardens was shocking and will have ruined many lives. Our deepest condolences to those who were killed and their families and friends, their colleagues, and neighbours. Our thoughts are also with those innocent people who had to witness such violence and their loved ones, who will be comforting them now. And our thanks go out to those brave Police Officers who responded so swiftly and selflessly to protect the people of our town. 

It’s horrible to think that any of us or our loved ones could have been in that Park. Reading is a peaceful and diverse town and acts like this do not represent what Reading is, tolerant and accepting of all newcomers. The best way that we can come out of this is to stand together. We have always been so proud of our town.

These actions do not represent the people of Reading. Keep being kind to each other, smile at people you pass, say hello to your neighbours and be there for each other in these difficult times.  

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