Reading Pride 2021

Happy Reading Pride 2021 - help us ban conversion therapy in the UK

By Reading Liberal Democrats, Sep 04, 2021 9:09

The Reading Liberal Democrats wish everyone a very happy Reading Pride 2021.  We have a stall at Reading Pride on King's Meadow on 04/09/21 - come along and say hi, and help us in our campaign to ban conversion therapy now.

A very happy Reading Pride 2021 to one and all, from the Reading Liberal Democrats.  While it is wonderful to be out at Pride with everyone again today, we in the Reading Lib Dems are mindful that Pride has its roots in protest against oppression.  We in the UK are incredibly fortunate to be able to celebrate Pride publicly with our families - this is a hard-won right which Liberals have been at the front of the fight for, for decades.

While the Conservative government are happy to pay lip service to LGBT+ rights, they are dragging their heels on banning conversion therapy, on trans+ rights, and on evacuating vulnerable people, including LGBT+ people, from Afghanistan and elsewhere.

This year, the Liberal Democrats are asking attendees at Pride to support our national campaign to end the morally-bankrupt practice of conversion therapy.

Lib Dem Councillor Meri O'Connell said:

"Conversion therapy is a blight on people's lives.  It is offensive, abusive, and dangerous, preying on vulnerable people who all too often are young.  Being LGBT+ is nothing to be ashamed of, and no-one should be made to feel they are other, or lesser, or somehow less worthy than the rest of us because of that."

"The government have made promises about banning this awful practice, but so far this has just been empty words.  Liberal Democrats demand action.  Join our fight today and sign our petition, either in person at our stand at King's Meadow, or on our website, and help us send the message that conversion therapy has no place in Reading, or the United Kingdom."

You can add your name to our petition, along with Meri's and many others', by clicking here.

However you're marking Pride this year, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy end to your summer.  If Pride, civil rights, and LGBT+ issues are close to your heart, do consider joining us, or signing up with the LGBT+ Lib Dems here.

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