A Holiday in the Library

Services in Caversham that support families have been hit hard in recent years. Our children’s centres have closed, and our schools are not properly funded. Other crucial services used by families such as buses and libraries have been cut.

Libraries are especially valuable for young people discovering a love of reading. Our librarians do a brilliant job of drawing children in, hosting activities, crafts, games and reading challenges. As a result of their efforts, Caversham library is busiest in the school holidays.

Caversham Library.

When the recent cuts to library hours were implemented, no adjustment was made for this extra demand during school holidays. Local Liberal Democrat campaigner Hilary Smart has asked the council to extend library opening hours during the school holidays.

She says, "The council should stop blindly cutting everything and start being more creative. School holidays are only a quarter of the year, and they are a time when the library is at its busiest. Extending library hours in the school holidays would add a lot of value."

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