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Emmer Green - Pieter De Boiserie

Pieter De Boiserie and family live in Emmer Green where his children attend the local nursery and primary school. He is a keen runner and enjoys walking around the local copse with his kids and dog. Pieter also enjoys cycling, and is an advocate for safer roads for all users.  He wants to protect green spaces in the local area.

In Pieter's own words:

I live in Emmer Green with my wife and two children and work in Green Park. My daughter goes to school here and my son attends a local nursery and I want them to grow up in an area they love and want to care for.

As a keen runner I enjoy being able to explore our area this way and when I am not running, you can probably find me out on Clayfield Copse with my dog. I am also a big board game fan, which is a great way to relax and to connect with people.

For my work I am lucky enough to only have to commute to Green Park where I work in Supply Chain, an area I have now worked in for over a decade in a variety of roles.

Our green space has been under threat due to the ongoing development concerns on what was Reading Golf Course. During the last year many of you and myself have been able to enjoy this space and truly appreciate our natural surroundings.  There is a requirement for more housing, but we need to make sure we balance this demand with the correct infrastructure, services and without destroying the nature we have on our doorstep.

I therefore support the proposals for development of the BBC site and encourage residents to do so as well.

Building a third bridge from Caversham to Reading would require an orbital road to go right through our countryside. I will object to this as there are many better initiatives to help with the traffic congestion for a fraction of the cost.

Read the Reading Lib Dems' Manifesto here.

Pieter De Boiserie

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