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Abbey Ward - Chris Ward

Chris Ward is a campaigner who lives in Reading and works across the Thames Valley.  He is passionate about increasing participation in democracy and local government.  If elected in Abbey, his priorities will be to tackle Reading's traffic and air pollution issues, and to ensure that Reading's council services remain resilient into the future.

In Chris' own words:

I moved to Reading having studied History at the University of Gloucester; in my spare time, I’m a big fan of county cricket and decent cider.  You may see me out for a run by the river, too.

Running is a great way to explore a new town.  I have been blown away by the sense of community here, particularly in the centre of town.  We have a strong community which deserves strong local champions, which is why I’m standing for the Council.

Any member of any party will tell you they stand for motherhood and apple pie, but for Lib Dems, access and participation in local decision-making really matters.

So, it matters that the Conservatives here are never seen outside election time.  It matters that they don’t stand up for our communities.  It matters that they are an invisible opposition to the current administration in Reading, and that nationally they're pulling up the drawbridge for refugees while letting companies like Thames Water rake in massive profits for spewing sewage into our rivers.  And it matters that Labour has run the council for my whole lifetime (apart from in 2010), yet it’s the last major council to settle historical equal pay claims for women – at a cost of £12m of our money.  It matters that they’ve wasted another million because of incompetence over their accounts.  It matters that they've let our air quality get so bad in Reading.

We demand better for Abbey ward.  If I’m elected, I will embody the Lib Dem tradition of working hard all year round, not just at election time.  I will keep residents informed, and be their voice on the council.

Read the Reading Lib Dems' Manifesto here.

Chris Ward

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