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Thames Ward - Jo Ramsay

Jo Ramsay has lived in Caversham for 20 years and has a PhD in electronic engineering; she has re-trained as an advocate working with older people and adults with learning disabilities.  She is keen that local services and amenities are made accessible to all, and that local voices are heard when decisions are being made about our communities.

In Jo's own words:

I have lived and worked in the Caversham area for over 20 years, first moving here after I got my PhD in electronic engineering to work in the thriving telecoms industry in the Thames Valley. I later, in my 40s, retrained as a social worker after a sabbatical period when I volunteered as a general advisor with Reading CAB, and realised that community work was what I really wanted to be doing. 

Currently I am working as an advocate across Berkshire, supporting older people and adults with learning disabilities to have their voices heard by services. I am passionate about making local services and facilities more accessible to all, and protecting our beloved local green spaces that have been such a lifeline during the last year. 

Like so many other residents, I worry about the levels of traffic in this area, and the associated issues with air quality and parking. So many politicians for so many years have promised us that our problems will be solved by a third Thames bridge, which still shows no signs of happening, so we need to do something different. I share your concerns about poor public transport and community facilities in the area that have vanished. 

I believe it is time for our brilliant grassroots communities and local activists to take the lead - if I am elected to Reading Borough Council, I will work hard to listen and be available for local residents, and fight for the support we need in Thames ward.

Read the Reading Lib Dems' Manifesto here.

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