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Kelly Report Must be Accepted in Full

Commenting on the publication of the Kelly report proposing radical reform of MPs’ expenses, Cllr Gareth Epps, Liberal Democrat prospective MP for Reading East, said:-

“MPs must accept this report in full. We need MPs of all parties to come together and agree them without argument, and we need the new independent Parliamentary standards body to implement them without delay. The public must see action taken before the forthcoming General Election.

Gareth continued “I have pledged not to take a second home as Reading East’s MP, and to publish all my expenses in the interests of transparency. I back Kelly in full, and want to see results well before next May.

“There is still a need from David Cameron and Gordon Brown to take action against their MPs who have benefited substantially in financial terms at the taxpayer’s expense. David Cameron in particular must stop picking and choosing who is disciplined.”

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