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Lib Dems Win More Support for Local Policing

Research carried out by the Home Office into neighbourhood policing published today found that nationally:

  • 53% of people say that they know little or nothing about their local Police team
  • 58% say they know little or nothing about how to find out about where and when Police Neighbourhood meetings are held
  • 66% of people know what local priorities Police are concentrating on in their area.

Cllr Daisy Benson, Lib Dem spokesperson for safer communities said: “The Labour government’s own statistics back up the response we have found from talking to people on the doorstep across Reading where many people don’t know which Police neighbourhood they are in, who is in their Neighbourhood Police team and how to get involved in NAGs.”

“The Police have been trying their best to make neighbourhood policing work in Reading but have lacked resources from the Labour government to engage local people on the ground.”

Cllr Gareth Epps, Parliamentary Candidate for Reading East added: “Labour spin about neighbourhood policing has not been backed up by resources for our Police to be able to do their jobs properly. The Government does not fund Thames Valley Police fairly.

Until recent pressure forced the issue onto the Scrutiny agenda, Labour councillors were simply burying their head in the sand.

The Lib Dems have campaigned successfully to get communications support for Neighbourhood Police Action Groups (NAGs) included in this years budget.

This will help increase public confidence in the work of our hardworking local Police teams. It will also deliver a much-needed boost to community involvement in Neighbourhood Action Groups.”

Editor’s Notes

  • An item on Neighbourhood Policing, communication and the Safer Reading programme is to be tabled at the 18 March meeting of the CCEA Scrutiny Panel.
  • Home Office statistics on public perceptions of crime can be found here: Home Office Policing Pledge
  • find more background on the Lib Dem campaign here: Redlands Improvements

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