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Wilson ‘hypocrisy’ on lock-keepers’ houses

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary campaigner for Reading East, Cllr Gareth Epps, has slammed Tory MP Rob Wilson for failing to sign either of two Commons motions in support of lock-keepers whose homes are under threat – including those at Blake’s Lock in Central Reading – despite Wilson putting out a press release claiming he supports the campaign. Gareth is urging Reading residents to sign a 10 Downing Street petition which is among the most popular current petitions. He has spoken to lock-keepers and (along with his Maidenhead counterpart Tony Hill and Henley by-election candidate Stephen Kearney) is backing the campaign in support of the lock-keepers.

Gareth says:”I am particularly concerned about this sell-off given that those who know the river tell me that water run-off is much faster now than it was even 10 years ago. This raises the risk of flooding, and lock-keepers are key antennae who can act on the warning signs. This is another cost-cutting measure caused by DEFRA incompetence and the staggering complacency of the Labour Government in the face of hugely increased flood risk. Rob Wilson, not for the first time, puts out press releases when he hasn’t even signed one of the two Commons motions opposing these closures. Seldom seen in Central Reading, yet again the Tory MP for Reading East is letting local residents down.”

Editor’s Notes

The petition can be found at: Thames Locks Petition or go to the local campaign site at Save Our Services

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